Sunday, April 18, 2010

Since When Do I Answer To You

Last night I was at a birthday slumber party with a few of my sisters friends when this guy that I am "dating" checks in on me.  I didn't have a problem chit chatting about what we were doing at the time and responded.  It was when he said, "Don't be falling into any new beds or familiar ones either."  I was like WTH.  Who was this guy to say anything to me.  I know that I probably made molehill out of an anthill, but it really pissed me off.  It isn't like we are together or have any type of "relationship" going on.  Is it really any of his business who I am dealing with because I don't think so.  Honestly I don't need someone checking up on me like that and I simply don't appreciate.  Yes, now he is apologizing for his comment, but I am kinda put a little off.

QUESTION: "Did I Go Over The Deep End?  Should I Apologize To Him?"