Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Did He Have To Call Me

As much as I like to hear from married dude, it drives me nut-so when he calls me.  We always chit chat for an hour or so acting like teenagers, which we are not.  The flirtation is full of innuendos and make us both laugh and every conversation goes back to, "why didn't we date and why did things have to be the way they are?"  I think that always pushes me over the edge because part of me wants to scream, "what is the point of asking these questions".  He always mentions how he was "tricked" into marriage and that his wife is not who he thought she was.  I know he only says this to keep me on the hook but hey like I said before he doesn't have that hold over me anymore now that I can picture him with his infant.  Oh, what a world, what a world.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

He's A Daddy

Yeah, he got a son now and even more of the appeal has left from him.  I don't look for his messages, nor do I reply to them quickly like I once did.  He has only talked about his fatherhood once or twice now, but it more or less wen tin one ear and right out the other.  His overtures to me leave the sound of crickets in my head and I now have to think of a response when I do decided to respond to him.  I suppose a part of me is still attracted to him but not the same way I once was.  He is still suppose to be heading this way at the end of the month and wants to see me.  We'll see if an up close and personal visit from him will change anything.