Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 Weeks

It had been a total of 3 weeks since I had seen the guy that I am semi kinda dating.  We haven't established any names for our relationship and I am perfectly fine with that.  I could tell that he was really missing me while I was on vacation because he was calling me constantly and leaving me messages all day long.  He even said on the day basis how much he missed me.  He said he just wanted to see that smile on my face.  When I came back on Monday he was hoping to see me but I had things to do so I had to put him off.  Yesterday rolled around and he pleaded with me to drive to see him.  I obliged and had a good time as usual.  It was quite different to be in his home and see his things.  I finally got to see pictures of him as a kid and all of the things that makes him, well him.  Part of me would like to see this go farther but a part of me isn't remotely interested in him.  There are times that I do roll my eyes when I see the phone ringing, but there are also moments of excitement when I hear his voice.  I know I am certifiably crazy to be complaining or even even unsure about any of this.  You can understand why I am a hot chocolatey mess.

Peace, Love and Chocolate