Monday, August 2, 2010

I Asked For Love And This What I Got

I have been asking for love to come my way and as soon as I decided to stop looking for it, it crashed into me...twice.  Feeling depressed my local "friend" has been trying to make me feel better. Now if you remember I told him I needed my space.  He has been doing there for the most part but stills sends texts, that I may or may not respond to.  Anyhoo, while trying to cheer me up he says,
     "You have so many people that love you, including me"
I didn't really have anything to say but thank you because I am really not in the I love ya mode with him.  I don't know that I really love him as a friend even.  If we stopped talking completely, I would be annoyed but I don't think that I would be overly heartbroken.  Then there was this mornings overture.  Now there was no conversation when all of a sudden I got this message from the "friend" that I am not suppose to talk to.
     "Hate that I'm in love with you"
This completely threw me off guard and ruined my day because I couldn't shake it.  Part of me is happy that he feels that way, but the bigger part is like what the hell am I suppose to do with this information.  It's not like I can actually have him.  Yeah I return the favor but still I know good and well that nothing can ever come of this and it's just cruel to even let myself feel anything.  I guess I asked for love, got the opportunity to be loved, and all I can do is sit and watch it leave me.  I don't know whether it's karma or fate, but they are both bitches in my book.