Thursday, December 15, 2011

Undateable Me

So after he sends the text I am very curious as to what he meant. Was he saying he is crazy to be asking me out again? So I call and he spills his big idea. His idea is for us to change our facebook statuses and say that we are in a relationship with one another. I start cracking up because I think it's a great idea since everyone keeps calling us on everything we say and do. When I accepted the request the firestorm ensued. First no one believed but then after a few days they started thinking about it. Some did believe and said congrats. Now remember this is on my main page so ALL my family and friends could see this so I had some explaining to do to some people and tell them that it was a practical joke. Now what I wasn't expecting was his mother's opinion. Now let me briefly go back and tell you a back story. This guy is my brother n laws cousin, so people love to say that we are family even though we clearly are not. So when his mother saw it she immediately called him a vetoed me. She said she remembered me...when I was 8 and she has seen me around at some holiday parties. He didn't ask a reason why but I soon figured it out after talking to my sister. Turns out my sister and she do not have the greatest of family relationships. They both don't really say much to one another when they see one another, so therefore an opinion has been made. My sis even said no, but I told her he and I have nothing to do with their issues, that is if we decided to actually date. Therefore he made me undateable even though he keeps telling me how much he wants to. As for the other message, he asked me to his office Christmas party. Of course I accepted his invitation. After doing so the women around him started to look at him a bit differently.