Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Meeting

So there is a guy that I know. We are constantly harrassing one another. Day in and day out to the point where our friends will start things just to have us going back and forth like a married couple. So we decided to go out. Now it was and wasn't a date. He wanted to go to this restaurant because he wanted to know what food they hand before his Christmas party this past weekend. So he picked me up and we had dinner. Great conversation and our weird sense of humor made the evening fun. After dinner we went to local bar which has $1 shots. We tossed back a few, laughed at people and chit chatted. When he brought me home we sat in his car and talked for another 2+ hours. This dude even had the nerve to stroke my hair, almost making me fall asleep. Then he admired my hand. Actually is was a nice meeting. The next day he woke me up witht he text, "I'm about to do something crazy", "Can I take you out this weekend?"