Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not The Summer I Hoped For

This summer has not gone according to plan.  I figured that I would be make it "Summer of Dating Part Deux", but have so far failed.  I have only been out of one date and it was a failed one because it ended up being with someone that I actually knew and did not want to go on a date with.  Damn friends and their I have a blind date and they are bringing a friend.  The only prospect of a date I have right now is a guy named Will I met the other day.  He wants to get to  togther at the end of the week, so we shall we how this goes.  I hate to be cynical but my eyes will not stop rolling.  I talk to the guy for 5 hours on Sunday.  He was really nice and had me laughing at his fear of raw meat.  Lol he does not cook it.  So when he offered up a dinner invitation I was all in.    I have a lot more to tell but you will just have to stay tuned.

Hopeless and a bit Hapless,