Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Have Become A Muse


I have been talking more often to the one that I should not be talking to and it's quite interesting.  I have become a muse for him and his writings.  Every few days he is posting some little fantasy he has worked in his head.   Usually it is stemming from a conversation that we have recently had.  I crack up reading them and shy away from making comments, but I frequently want to LOL.  He even has made his friend on every social networking outlet that we are a part of.  In fact I am currently chatting with his other readers and some of our mutual friends in a secret group that he created on Facebook.  Isn't he special.  Aside from fun conversation with him, I have been enjoying chit chatting with Officer.  It seems we chat for about 20 hours out of the day, but never actually talk or see each other.  It is kind of strange.  I did however see him Tuesday, it was nice to see his face, after all it has been about 2 months.  Then there is white boy.  Don't really talk to him much anymore.  We send sporadic messages to one another and that's about it.  I am not really interested in seeing him again.  He was nice but he just wasn't my cup of tea.  Onward forward to find someone new.