Monday, May 17, 2010

The Non Boyfriend Is Treading A Thin Line

I don't think I am a very needy person but I do require a few things. If I call you, then call me back in a timely matter or at least have a decent excuse. Don't call me talk me for 2 minutes, tell me you are going to call back and then take 4 hours before you do, only so that we can start the same thing over again. I know he is tired and I respect his sleeping schedule and I never intrude on time with his kids though there are times I am on the phone when he is with them. He is really getting on my nerves though and the fact that I have been sick doesn't help. Then he trips when I don't answer his calls or when he IMs me. I just tell him my phone was charging which is the case sometimes or that I was sleeping. I don't know, maybe I am getting bored and need a new play thing. I hate to kick him to the curb but our schedules are not working. I know I could call him now if he is not at a busy post but my ass is ready for bed. I guuess we will see in time. But then again time is not on his side. Summer is here and it's time to mingle.